Lesson 2 

Oz-e-English: Writing (Language) F-6

Unit 4: Recount – Foundation Year 

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Lesson objectives

In this lesson, students will learn to:
  • Day 1: say and make a sentence.
  • Day 2: make and trace a sentence.
  • Day 3: trace and write a sentence. 


  • Year F.
  • Recognise how capital letters are used for names and how full stops and capital letters serve as sentence starters and sentence finishers, and that punctuation is a component of written text that is distinct from letters (ACELA1432).
  • Understand that sentences are essential building blocks for conveying ideas (ACELA1435).
  • Understand that meaning is conveyed through words and word groups in texts (ACELA1434).
  • Recognise and create rhymes in spoken words, as well as patterns of alliteration, syllables, and sounds (phonemes) (ACELA1439).
  • Understand how to read and write a few high-frequency words as well as other common words (ACELA1817).
  • Reviews.  

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