Spelling Mastery training

Professional learning for teachers and teaching assistants 

Good to Great Schools Australia (GGSA) has partnered with McGraw Hill to give greater support to educators delivering Direct Instruction programs. 

The current offer to schools is for free Spelling Mastery online professional learning. GGSA’s Spelling Mastery professional learning module supports teachers and teaching assistants delivering Spelling Mastery Signature Edition. 

This offer is open to all existing and new customers of McGraw Hill who are using the Spelling Mastery program. If you would like to know more about their Spelling Mastery materials you can visit their website to view and purchase their materials or alternatively you can email them at schools_anz@mheducation.com.

Educators simply log on to GGSA’s professional learning platform, the Effective Teaching Portal, to access the comprehensive 12-lesson module.  

The Spelling Mastery professional learning module teaches the practical skills and knowledge that educators need in the classroom to teach spelling effectively.  

Using an explicit instructional design that supports knowledge retention and application, the module also mirrors the instructional design of the Spelling Mastery series.  

The module features detailed information about effective teaching practices and techniques used in Spelling Mastery. Videos of experienced teachers sharing their Spelling Mastery teaching insights and implementation tips are supplied. 

Teachers and teaching assistants who have completed the Spelling Mastery training module have described the design of the training as ‘engaging with real-life videos’, ‘easy to understand and follow’, and say that the written and visual displays make it ‘easy to learn information’.  

The module is aligned to AITSL’s national teaching standards. Participants receive a certificate when they successfully complete the module. This can be used to demonstrate three hours of continuing professional development (CPD) for state or territory regulatory body requirements.  

Module components 

Program overview 

    • about the Spelling Mastery Series  
    • the three approaches used in Spelling Mastery to teach spelling  
    • overview of teacher and student materials included in Spelling Mastery  

Prepare to teach 

    • how to deliver Spelling Mastery placement tests 
    • how to organise a classroom for success  
    • how to use the teacher’s guide and deliver the script  

Engaging students  

    • signals  
    • active monitoring  
    • transitions and pacing  
    • motivating students  

Checking for mastery 

    • how to structure individual turns to receive important data about student mastery  
    • how to correct errors using the scripts in the Teacher Presentation Book 
    • how to correct errors using a general correction procedure 
    • how to use program and mastery test data to inform instruction in Spelling Mastery  

Online and practical assessments  

    • multiple-choice assessment to receive a Certificate of Training  
    • practical assessment to receive a Certificate of Application 
    • practical assessment to receive a Certificate of Mastery.  

To take advantage of this offer, get in touch with Good to Great Schools Australia today, at curriculum-products@goodtogreatschools.org.au 

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