Use Australia's only science program
featuring explicit teaching

Get your students to fall in love with knowledge.

Oz-e-science engages the natural curiosity of students and develops their love of science. We give students a sense of wonder about the universe by using a teaching approach and curriculum that strikes a more effective proportional balance between teacher-directed instruction and inquiry learning strategies.

The content is designed to get students to understand the power and potential of scientific endeavour, and to make science a part of each student’s life journey.

Access a complete toolkit of ready-to-deliver resources.  

• Classroom-ready lessons
• Assessment framework
• Student Workbooks
• Teaching Guides
• Extracurricular extension activities
• Teacher professional learning module.
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Rely on a strong evidence
base for improving student outcomes.

The Oz-e-science teaching approach draws on research that analyses the most effective teaching methods around the world. This research includes McKinsey & Company analysis of the 2015 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) that found the best performing education systems in the world use a blend of teacher-directed and inquiry-based instruction. The optimum balance preferences teacher-directed instruction while providing opportunities for inquiry learning.

Also, the internationally acclaimed research of Professor John Hattie on how different instructional strategies work better at different phases of learning. Oz-e-science identifies the three phases and gets the timing right for using different teaching strategies.

Develop confidence to teach science.

Teaching science can be difficult, especially for generalist primary school teachers.
Oz-e-science provides all the background information and content teachers need,
 as well as teaching guides and multimedia presentations to explicitly teach the

Oz-e-science also comes with a professional learning module for teachers and
teaching assistants. This online module explores the instructional strategies,
 resources, unit components, inquiry skills and more, so that your class can get the
most out of the program.

Our story

Good to Great Schools Australia exists so that every Australian child, no matter their background, attends a school that develops their potential.

We developed Oz-e-science for teachers, so that they have a complete toolkit for effective and explicit teaching of science. We developed Oz-e-science for students, so they can engage in their local natural environment through scientific inquiry. And so they engage in science at primary schools so they have the opportunity to pursue science through further study.
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