Oz-e-science is Good to Great Schools Australia’s innovative primary school science program.

Schools delivering the program are provided with a comprehensive suite of high-quality teaching resources including classroom-ready lessons, an assessment framework, student workbooks, teaching guides, extracurricular extension activities and a teacher training module. Oz-e-science meets all science requirements of the Australian Curriculum.

Each year level has four units, one for each term, covering the strands of biology, chemistry, physics, and earth and space. Each unit has 16 lessons that are delivered through two one hour-long classes per week, for 10 weeks each term.

The instructional design of the lessons is explicit instruction with ‘I do, we do, you do’ embedded in every lesson. This pedagogy has a strong evidence base as the most effective way to teach children. Lessons use rapid reviews to enable students to consolidate critical content and progress is monitored through checking for understanding and progress tests every second lesson. Overall Science Understanding is assessed through an end-of-term test. Science Inquiry Skills and Science as a Human Endeavour are tested through an oral and/or written report following investigations and experiments.

Oz-e-science provides opportunities for students to engage in their local natural and social environments through science inquiry. The suite of extracurricular activities are implemented by schools as a way of extending students, engaging families in science and increasing coverage of local content.

Oz-e-science includes a focus on science as a human endeavor by introducing at least one famous scientist per year level in each strand, and communicating stories of scientific progress.

Oz-e-science is written for Years 4, 5 and 6, with F–3 coming online in January 2022.

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    Oz-e-science is designed:
    • to get students to fall in love with knowledge
    • to give students a sense of wonder about the universe
    • to get students to understand the power and potential of scientific endeavour
    • to make science a part of each student’s life journey
    so that:
    • we lift student attainment across all groups
    • we lift student engagement in science at primary school and for future study
    • we lift the participation of girls in science
    • we lift the participation of indigenous students in science.
    Program Strand Program Level
    Oz-e-science Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space, Physics 2021 4–6, 2022 F–6

    Receive a free Oz-e-Science sample which is currently fully funded by the Australian Government.