Tailored school implementation

We pledge to schools that if they follow our implementation framework students in all year levels who consistently attend will make above average gains.

Partner with expert support

Schools can achieve significant instructional improvement when they have expert support for their improvement journey.

GGSA partners with schools to take them through a three-year improvement journey to help them reach the aspiration of ‘Great teachers delivering effective teaching to every child’.

GGSA has experienced practitioners with track records of success teaching and leading in schools that have made significant improvement.

GGSA uses explicit instruction pedagogy with the most effective evidence-based programs, and tailors them to the unique context of schools and students

Good to Great Schools Australia’s implementation package of training, coaching and data-driven support is tailored depending on a school’s specific needs.

The support a school receives is tailored around:

  • Scope: the scope of instructional improvement your school wants to undertake
  • Numbers: the number of participating students and staff
  • Team: the capability and stability of the teaching team
  • Programs: the programs being implemented.
A three-stage improvement journey

GGSA has an implementation package of training, coaching and data-driven support that is tailored to a school’s specific needs.

Support commences with GGSA supporting the school leadership to craft their three-stage instructional improvement plan.

The plan identifies school context and need, results they are aiming for, resources to be deployed and annual milestones. The school uses that plan to lead their instructional improvement journey through regular data-driven reviews and continuous improvement.

Each stage of the improvement journey takes a school an average of one year to complete, depending on staff stability and ability to embed the practices successfully.


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