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We support a diverse range of schools around Australia, including urban, regional and remote schools and public and private schools. 

Our school partnerships are growing with the success of our many programs. 

Our literacy programs

Explicit instruction

Explicit instruction is a teaching practice based on educational theory, brain research, data analysis and DI. The education pedagogy combines a set of instructional practices with well-crafted lesson design. It includes continuous “checking of understanding” until students master the skills being taught. It is based on the premise that all children can learn.

Noel Pearson speaks about explicit instruction
Direct Instruction

Direct Instruction (DI) is an education program that combines explicit instruction pedagogy with a comprehensive curriculum, student assessment and scripted lessons. Students are taught carefully sequenced and highly structured lessons and are required to ‘master’ each lesson before advancing on to the next. This ensures that advanced students can be accelerated and that no child is left behind.

Noel Pearson speaks about Direct Instruction
“Our close partnership with Good to Great Schools Australia is important to the overall school improvement agenda within the NT. Our collaboration contributes to building our staff, school and system capability, so that our students progress and achieve in their learning.”
Ken Davies, Chief Executive, Department of Education, Northern Territory Government

Survey results

A 2016 independent survey of teachers and principals in schools using our literacy programs showed how the overall learning environment in the school had improved.

Explicit instruction
Direct Instruction

Building better educational habits and routines

Showing improved English oral language skills

Learning faster

More confident learners

Literacy for remote schools

Good to Great Schools Australia successfully tendered for the Australian Government Department of Education’s Flexible Literacy for Remote Primary School’s Programme. The project commenced in 2014 to provide literacy support to remote primary schools around Australia.

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