Music For Learning Years F–6

Use a music program that empowers music and
generalist teachers

As a subject in the Australian Curriculum, all students participate in music education in primary school. Despite this, most Australian primary schools do not have a specialist music teacher. Generalist teachers, while expected to teach music, can find music classes challenging.
Music for Learning makes it easy for teachers and schools to embrace music education. Its suite of specially designed, ready-to-teach lessons can be picked up and immediately delivered with confidence and flair – whether you are a specialist music teacher or not. Teachers with little or no musical experience can use bespoke instructional videos provided throughout the program. Music specialists may choose to model the songs and exercises themselves.

Access a complete toolkit of ready-to-deliver resources 

Music for Learning has a complete toolkit for delivering high-quality, evidence-based music lessons including:

• Classroom-Ready Lessons with Embedded Videos
• Assessment Framework
• Student Work Sheets
• Teaching Guides
• Extracurricular Extension Activities
• Extra Resources including Posters, Trading Cards, Sound, Video and Manipulatives.

Study from anywhere
Cutting-edge experts
Interactive webinar sessions

Rely on a growing body of evidence

A trial of Music for Learning run in two campuses of the Cape York Aboriginal Australian Academy found that over half of the Year 3–6 students were at higher than or comparable to national music levels for their age.
  • Brain growth.
  • Improved memory, attention and concentration.
  • Increased coordination.
  • Development of commitment and discipline.
  • Improvement in social skills and the ability to work in a team.
  • Encouragement to express themselves and relieve stress.

A classroom music program that develops students’ love of music

Singing and playing music is at the heart of the Music for Learning program. Students learn to play untuned percussion, tuned percussion, ukulele, recorder and piano. Students learn to write, perform, record and edit their own music compositions using acoustic instruments and iPad applications

Music for Learning ensures all students experience music in their lives. It is a valuable form of self-expression and enjoyment, whether they have specific musical aspirations. Talented students are provided with opportunities to extend themselves. The program is grounded in the lived music culture of the students’ cultural context with opportunities to engage with family and community.

Our story

Good to Great Schools Australia exists so that every Australian child, no matter their background, attends a school that develops their potential.
We developed Music for Learning for teachers, so they have a complete toolkit to enable them to effectively teach music.
We developed Music for Learning for students, so they can discover the joy of music – singing, playing, listening and recording as individuals and together.
Music has its own intrinsic value. Students experience self-expression and communication through arts and culture

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