Our Math program employs explicit instruction pedagogy using both commercial documents purchased from McGraw Hill and some developed by Good to Great Schools Australia.

Program Strand Program Level
Direct Instruction System for Teaching Arithmetic and Reading Reading K–2 Reading K-2
Connecting Math Concepts Maths A–F (K–5)
Essentials for Algebra Maths Extension (6–8)
Oz-e-maths Maths K-6

Oz-e-maths is Good to Great Schools Australia’s innovative primary school maths program. It works in synergy with renowned Connecting Math Concepts (CMC) to ensure that delivery of CMC completely aligns with Australian Curriculum gaps requirements. Oz-e-maths contains the thirty Australian Curriculum standards that Connecting Math Concepts does not cover.

Schools delivering the program are provided with a comprehensive suite of high-quality teaching resources including 28 classroom-ready lessons, teaching guides, students workbooks and mastery tests for the Australian Curriculum content descriptors.

Lesson delivery

Oz-e-maths comprises twenty-eight lessons that are delivered alongside Connecting Math Concepts over a two-week period. The lesson outlines illustrate how to sequence the Oz-e-maths program with Connecting Math Concepts. Daily exercises and independent practice opportunities across the two weeks support students in acquiring and mastering this new content knowledge.

Instructional design

Oz-e-maths lessons use the same instructional design as Direct Instruction McGraw Hill programs. Direct Instruction programs combine explicit instruction pedagogy with a comprehensive numeracy curriculum, student assessment and scripted lessons. Oz-e-maths’ spiral instructional design sets out the skills and content in sequenced tracks to provide students with multiple exposures to content so it can be practised to automaticity.
Students are taught carefully sequenced and highly structured lessons and are required to ‘master’ each skill before advancing through lessons. This ensures that students assimilate new learning and transition information from working memory to long-term memory.

Receive a free Oz-e-Maths sample which is currently fully funded by the Australian Government.