Guugu Yimithirr Language Years F, 1, 4 

Unit 2: Nganhthanun Bubu - Foundation Year Lesson 1
Lesson: A sentence with the number nubuun
Unit: Unit 2: Nganhthanun Bubu
Lesson number: Lesson 1 of 10
Lesson objectives
In this lesson, we will learn to:
  • say and make a sentence with the number nubuun.
Box 1: Lesson structure
  • Opening the Lesson
  • I Do
  • We Do
  • You Do
  • Closure
Box 2: Specs
  • Grade F
  • Reviews
Box 3: Share this lesson 
  • Copy link
  • Email lesson [automatically opens an Outlook email with subject: ‘A sentence with the number nubuun’ Email body: “Hi, check out this Oz-e-science lesson on ‘A sentence with the number nubuun’ + link to page]
Box 4: Complete this unit
  • Lesson 2: A sentence about looking and policemen.
  • Lesson 3: A sentence about the colours thalun and munhi.
  • Lesson 4: A sentence with the command miidaarra.
  • Lesson 5: A sentence about eating.
  • Lesson 6: A sentence about hot and cold.
  • Lesson 7: A sentence about being happy and angry.
  • Lesson 8: Say and make the command to speak in Guugu Yimithirr.
  • Lesson 9: Say and make a question with the word ‘what’ and answer it.
  • Lesson 10: Say and make sentences about being a child and jumping on a trampoline.

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