Mastery Teaching Pathway
Welcome (Principal/Instruction Coach Teacher/Teaching Assistants name) from (School name)
This professional learning platform will assist you to manage the professional learning of your team on your school improvement journey.

The dashboard provides a snapshot of where each of your team members are at on their professional learning journey. Click on each team members name for detail on their Personal Development Plan.
School Professional Learning Plan
My Learning
 Are based on world’s best teaching practices. 
 Take between 4-6 hours to complete.
 Certification is accepted by Australian teacher accreditation bodies.
 Shows how it aligns with principal and teacher standards in the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) standards. 
 Accreditation includes on-the-job assessment which can be used to advance your career options.
Maximize your development on the Mastery Teaching Pathway
  • Be confident and effective.
  • Use data to assess learning and make decisions that improve your practice and students learning.
  • Achieve professional satisfaction and success in supporting your students.
  • Confidently collaborate with peers to improve schools teaching and learning.
  • Implement evidence-based teaching practices and programs that guarantee student improvement.
  • Confidently engage with parents about their children’s education.