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Good to Great Schools Australia’s range of ready-to-teach music lessons and resources are aligned to the Australian Curriculum.  

All lessons use explicit instruction and content that covers Australian perspectives and learning outcomes.  

Lessons are formulated based on scientific evidence of how students best learn and are further informed by the emerging discipline of cognitive science.  

Our Music for Learning program features sequenced learning progressions with built-in pedagogical teaching techniques and practices that teachers can deliver systematically with mastery and flair.  

This logical and structured approach builds on students’ previously acquired learning, which enables them to master skills before progressing to more challenging tasks and to achieve cognitive growth from every lesson. 

Music for Learning Years F–6

Use a music program that empowers music and generalist teachers 
As a subject in the Australian Curriculum, all students participate in music education in primary school. Despite this, most Australian primary schools do not have a specialist music teacher. Generalist teachers, while expected to teach music, can find music classes challenging.

Music for Learning makes it easy for teachers and schools to embrace music education. Its suite of specially designed, ready-to-teach lessons can be picked up and immediately delivered with confidence and flair – whether you are a specialist music teacher or not. Teachers with little-to-no musical experience can use bespoke instructional videos provided throughout the program. Music specialists may choose to model the songs and exercises themselves.
  • Foundation Year
  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Year 3
  • Year 4
  • Year 5
  • Year 6

Access a Complete Toolkit of Ready-to-Deliver Lessons 

• Classroom-ready lessons
• Assessment framework
• Student Workbooks
• Teaching Guides
• Teacher professional learning module

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