Indigenous Culture Performance

Year 5 - Performing for Audiences
Students explore and explain how dramatic action and meaning are communicated through drama they view, create and perform. They consider how drama and media artworks from different times, places and culture influence their own and others’ drama and media artworks.

Students collaborate to create and perform a documentary that employs both drama and media elements, dramatic action and meaning in a specific and purposeful context. They develop a script, produce media materials, and reflect on and evaluate the meaning and influences on both their own and others’ documentaries. 
Learning objectives
In Lessons 1 to 12, students learn to:
  • identify the elements of drama
  • create a dramatic action freeze frame
  • reflect on and evaluate the use of dramatic action
  • identify, consider and explain how meaning is communicated in drama
  • recognise the features and purpose and of a documentary drama
  • collaboratively develop a script for a documentary drama
  • rehearse drama that develops narrative and drives dramatic tension
  • create and record visual and auditory elements to enhance their drama
  • create a poster to advertise their documentary
  • create and iMovie trailer for their documentary
  • present a live performance of their documentary
  • evaluate others’ documentaries
  • reflect on the making, advertisement and performance of their documentaries
  • video and photograph their drama performances using natural disasters as stimulus. 
  1. Assessment Task (Lessons 5–12) 

Lesson objective

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