Indigenous Culture Performance

Year 4 - Becoming Performers
Students explore drama, its types and how it can be made. They create their own drama, employing the elements of drama and working in groups.

Students communicate through performing drama and reflect on their own and others’ performances. 
Learning objectives
In Lessons 1 to 11, students learn to:
  • identify what performance is and its purpose is
  • recognise the elements of performance
  • identify the place and time of various settings
  • create facial expression to develop characters
  • develop movements that enhance characters
  • use voice and dialogue to create interesting characters
  • recognise tension in performance
  • recognise focus in performance
  • compare and contrast the elements of performance
  • look over the assessment and discuss
  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the concepts taught throughout the unit. 
  1. Knowledge and Understanding Questionnaire (Lesson 12)
  2. Assessment Task (Lesson 12) 

Lesson objective

Success criteria

I do

We do

You do

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