Indigenous Culture History and Identity

Year 6 - Calling Australia Home 
Students explore groups of people who immigrated to Australia and the reasons for their immigration. They will identify and explore the contributions of different individuals and groups to the development of Australian society.  
Learning objectives
In Lessons 1 to 17, students learn to: 
  • identify what immigration is
  • identify primary and secondary sources of information
  • write open and closed questions
  • research and take notes
  • sequence events using a timeline
  • explore the cause and effect of an event
  • explain what Federation is and the reason for the White Australia Policy
  • describe why and how Australia increased its small population after World War II
  • explain what Operation Baby Lift was and the reasons behind it
  • recognise what a refugee is and why people seek to live in Australia and other countries
  • compare two immigrant stories and establish a point of view
  • choose an immigrant to research for their digital presentation
  • will choose an immigrant to research for their digital presentation
  • write open-ended interview questions to research about a chosen immigrant
  • research their chosen immigrant and uncover their story
  • rehearse and record their presentation. 
  1. Knowledge and Understanding Test (Lesson 18)
  2. Digital Presentation – Interview (Lessons 12–17) 

Lesson objective

Success criteria

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