Program Module

Teach Corrective Reading Comprehension A-B1

In this module, participants learn about Corrective Reading Comprehension Levels A and B1.

This module is for teachers and teaching assistants who are using Corrective Reading Comprehension A-B1 in their schools.

The instructional design approach of Corrective Reading Comprehension A-B1 is Direct Instruction and is designed to replace the struggling student’s ineffective comprehension strategies with effective strategies to increase both their comprehension skills and confidence in their learning abilities.

On completion, participants know how to present Corrective Reading Comprehension A-B1 lessons, as well as how to motivate older students who have not been successful with beginning comprehension skills.

Leaders who have completed Deliver Direct Instruction and Deliver Effective Teaching modules will be able to support teaching teams in delivering the programs.

Teachers and teaching assistants can implement the techniques and practices which include following directions, building vocabulary, answering questions about presented information, completing deductions, following written directions, and writing.


  • Learn Effective Teaching Essentials
  • Deliver Direct Instruction


Assessment has three stages:
  • Test: Knowledge and skills taught in the lessons. · 
  • Appraisal: Practical application in practicing knowledge and skills learned in the lessons.
  • Mastery evaluation: Delivery with students of the knowledge and skills learned in the lessons.


Participants are eligible for certification based on attendance and completion of assessment requirements for each module.
  • Certificate of Attendance: Complete online training and knowledge and skills tests. · 
  • Certificate of Participation: Pass knowledge and skills video Appraisal.
  • Certificate of Achievement: Pass knowledge and skills video Mastery evaluation.

Learning Intents

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