Teaching Technique: Assess

Practice Administer Independent Work

Program:  Teaching Technique: Assess
Module: Practice Administer Independent Work


Practice Administer Independent Work a practice module that goes in depth for participants to learn what happens when the technique is delivered with fidelity. They learn what happens when administering independent work is not delivered with fidelity. The barriers and how to overcome the barriers to administer independent work with fidelity.

Learning intent

Demonstrate techniques that engage students and deliver lesson components to fidelity (TS1.2) (3.1.02).

Understand basic direct instruction techniques and why they are used. Understand basic explicit instruction teaching techniques and why they are used. Demonstrate mastery of basic direct and explicit instruction techniques through weekly program practice sessions and then in classroom delivery (TS1.3) (3.1.03).

Understand components of effective teaching resources (such as the Teacher Guide) that align with core programs. Demonstrate direct and explicit instruction concepts in developing independent work that aligns to the program being taught. Communicate correct use of program components, such as Teacher Presentation Book, Teacher Guide, Student Workbooks, student books, etc. (TS1.4) (3.1.04).

Implement re-teaching or skipping of direct instruction lessons, based on group mastery data, and in collaboration with instruction coach. Review direct instruction student mastery data daily to ensure groups stay at mastery. Review explicit instruction student mastery data daily to ensure groups stay at mastery (TS1.8) (3.1.08).

Plan independent work that promotes student learning. Implement lesson sequences with fidelity, maintaining student engagement and promoting learning (TS1.9) (3.1.09).

Review key teaching techniques with colleagues in weekly practice sessions (TS1.10) (3.1.10).

Plan independent work based on direct and explicit instruction program concepts. Implement classroom organisation strategies to engage students in their learning and make effective use of instructional time. Review student independent work to ensure students are engaging in the learning (TS1.11) (3.1.11).

Understand basic effective teaching techniques and practices in academics and behaviour. Demonstrate ability to teach lessons using direct and explicit instruction teaching techniques (TS2.1) (3.2.01).

Plan lesson presentation using direct and explicit instruction teaching techniques. Implement all parts of direct and explicit instruction lessons (TS2.7) (3.2.07).

Plan group instruction based on mastery data and program guidelines. Implement direct and explicit instruction lessons with fidelity (TS2.8) (3.2.08).

4 lessons

Assessment has two stages:
Knowledge and skills taught in the lessons.
Delivery with students of the knowledge and skills learned in the lessons.