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Photos: Effective teaching in Tiwi

Our teaching coach Helen recently travelled to Tiwi College where she works with the primary school to embed effective teaching practices. Check out some of her photos.

Teacher Jayde and Talei practising vocabulary.

Teacher assistant Jacob working with Maikeli on his reading fluency. Good to Great Schools Australia teaching coaches work with all members of the teaching team, from teaching assistant to principal, to embed effective teaching practices.


Groupings of students and daily lesson recording is a visual for anyone who needs to know and for the teacher to keep track.


Individual point incentive charts assist behaviour management.


Lesson Checkout is a timed reading and the teacher records the number of errors, ensuring mastery before moving onto next lesson.


Talei gets some independent reading practice.


Teaching assistant Jacob works with a student to build tracking skills. Tracking when reading helps make sure you don’t lose your place and assists with fluency.


The Teacher Student Game sheet gets a real work out during Direct Instruction lessons.


Good to Great Schools Australia supports schools around the country – from Tiwi to Tasmania. For more information about how Good to Great Schools Australia can support your school, give us a call on 1800 00 GGSA or email info@goodtogreatschools.org.au

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