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Hope Vale gets interactive boost to science curriculum

Good to Great Schools Australia (GGSA) implements its innovative and engaging science program in remote aboriginal schools.

Coinciding with National Science Week, Hope Vale Mayor Jason Woibo will unveil their interactive Periodic Table display at the Hope Vale Aboriginal Shire Council on Thursday 20 August.

The event will provide the students at the local school, the Cape York Aboriginal Australian Academy (CYAAA) Hope Vale Campus, a new and exciting way of interacting with science which supports the curriculum being delivered. The large display will house samples of each chemical element, minerals and modern ways these elements are used today.

The Principal and teachers encourage and support many ways for families to participate in their students’ education. This display demonstrates the innovative projects delivered through the Academy.

GGSA Founder and Co-Chair Noel Pearson emphasised the Academy’s “best of both worlds” approach to educating students.

“This means we provide Ancestral Language and Cultural Knowledge curriculum, as well as the highest quality programs in global knowledge including science,” Mr Pearson said.

“We want our children to be fully bicultural: versed in their own culture as well as the wider world.”

“I want our children to understand that science belongs to them as much as any human on the planet. Science belongs to humans. I want our kids to embrace science in their future education and careers.”

The launch event will begin at 3.30pm.


Available for interview:

Michael Proctor, Good to Great Schools Program Services Manager 0448 138 244
Maureen Liddy, Good to Great Schools Community Partnership Engagement Manager 0427 460 477
Mayor Jason Woibo, Hope Vale Aboriginal Shire Council (07) 4083 8000
Principal Glenn White, Cape York Aboriginal Australian Academy, Hope Vale Campus (07) 4060 9888

Photos and video:
Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8nnpsrv9apxrb43/AADbIapSiL4SKJmrM4AOcM2va?dl=0

For further information:
Andrew Mahony, Publishing Manager Good to Great Schools Australia 0429 028 229

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