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Chairman Noel Pearson chosen for ‘Australian’ award

Noel was one of five joint winners of The Australian’s “Australian of the year” award, among others who are “champions of indigenous advancement.” The article appeared in the weekend edition of The Australian on January 25, 2014.

Good to Great Schools Australia chairman Noel Pearson was one of five joint winners of an award given out by national newspaper The Australian for their work in the advancement of Indigenous Australians. Noel was recongised for his work with many organisations, but predominantly with his work on welfare reform.

As the article states, 

“If there was one word to summarise and unite Warren Mundine, Marcia Langton, Adam Goodes, Andrew Forrest and Mr Pearson (again), it would be “action”. Their mission is to transform the future of indigenous Australians through tangible deeds rather than symbolic flourishes or by dwelling on grievances. Importantly, while they all campaign to enlist the entire population in their efforts, they also appeal to action from within — a drive for personal responsibility, fulfilment and achievement from indigenous Australians themselves.”

The article mentions the current political environment and Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s personal and political interest in the Indigenous Affairs portfolio. The article also mentions how Abbott has been “schooled” in this area by spending time with Noel in remote communities.

The article continues about the advancement of Indigenous Australians through various means, and makes particular mention of education, including a quote from Noel, saying,
“I would rather contribute to supporting families to get healthy and educated, so that these strong, young leaders of the future can take us to Canaan’s shore.”

Another recipient of the award, former national ALP President Warren Mundine, was quoted in the article saying,
“And, well, what can you say about Noel Pearson? He speaks for himself really. He’s the bloke who opened up this area for us. He forever changed things for the better for indigenous people. He made these conversations real.”

Noel has received the award previously in 2004.

Find the full article on the Australian website: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/champions-of-indigenous-advancement-earn-our-top-honour/story-fnboyn5s-1226810102510

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