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Academy kids receiving golf lessons as part of Club

The students of Cape York Aboriginal Australian Academy Hope Vale campus are continuing to receive golf lessons from PGA professional Daniel Gawley as part of  the Academy’s Club domain.

Hope Vale students are continuing to receive golf lessons at nearby Walker Bay’s Cooktown Golf Links from PGA Professional Daniel Gawley. The program has been going on for the past three years, but was recently featured in the Cooktown Local News.

Mr Gawley said Sunday’s training session was the first of what is hoped will be a total of four training sessions for 2014 with the aim of the kids being at the stage “where they’ll definitely be able to go out and play a full game of golf”.

With NRL and AFL both attracting strong participation among the indigenous sportsmen and women on Cape York Peninsula, Mr Gawley says there is ample opportunity for golf to find its own niche.

The golf lessons are a great example of the Club domain as part of the broader Academy 5C model: Childhood, Class, Club, Culture, and Community.

The lessons were able to introduce our students to a sport that they are likely not very familiar with, as most towns in Cape York do not have the facilities for golf. Students were also able to interact directly with a professional athlete who can inspire and motivate students to excel, not only in sport.

The aim of our Club domain is to expose student to a wide variety of sport, music and cultural activities, and give them the opportunity to find a sport that they excel at and enjoy. This is just another sport now on the radar of Hope Vale students.

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