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Guiding School Transformation

Guiding School Transformation: From Poor to Fair to Good Schools

Briefing paper: Coen attendance success and evidence-based strategies

Coen Campus of the Cape York Aboriginal Australian Academy (CYAAA) has had the highest attendance of all majority Indigenous schools in Queensland from 2013 to 2018. This paper explores the successful attendance strategies that have been implemented at this remote school.

Report review: The Case for Urgency: Advocating for Indigenous Voice in Education.

ACER recently published The Case for Urgency: Advocating for Indigenous Voice in Education. The paper does not meet the basic standard of good research because rather than building a balanced, research based perspective, it focuses on constructing a rhetorical case.

The Independent Review into Regional, Rural and Remote Education

This submission is in response to the Independent Review into Regional, Rural and Remote Education (the Independent Review) being conducted by Emeritus Professor John Halsey on behalf of the Australian Government’s Department of Education and Training.

Farrago – Response to Aurukun Review GGSA 2016

Response to the Review of School Education in Aurukun (August 2016).

We’re Black We Don’t Matter – submission to Deloitte review, Noel Pearson

The neglected special needs of First Nations students in Queensland schools.

Submisson to the House of Representatives Standing Committee, Noel Pearson 2016

Submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Indigenous Affairs.

Implementing School Improvement in Indigenous Schools (Submission to House of Representatives), Noel Pearson 2016

Direct Instruction (DI) and Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) can be one important part of the solution.

The Most Important Reform Position Paper, Noel Pearson
Radical Hope, Noel Pearson 2011

Education and Equality in Australia.

Up from the Mission, Noel Pearson 2009

Up from the Mission charts the life and thought of Noel Pearson, from his early days as a native title lawyer to his position today as one of Australia’s most influential figures.

Quarterly Essay – A Rightful Place, Noel Pearson 2014

Race, recognition and a more complete commonwealth.

The War of the Worlds – Trugannini, Noel Pearson 2015

In The War of the Worlds, Noel Pearson considers the most confronting issue of Australian history: the question of genocide, in early Tasmania and elsewhere.

Gouth Whitlam Oration, Noel Pearson 2013

On the evening of 13 November Noel Pearson took the stage at the Riverside Theatres Parramatta to deliver the 2013 Gough Whitlam Oration.

There is nothing the Government can do, Noel Pearson

There is nothing the Government can do for you that you are unwilling to do for yourself.

Fifth Annual Hawke lecture, Noel Pearson 2002

Fifth Annual Hawke Lecture Delivered by Noel Pearson on Sunday November 3 2002 in Adelaide, South Australia.

Indigenous Peoples and Reshaping Australia, Noel Pearson 1995

Noel Pearson’s ‘An Optimist’s Vision’ sees becoming a Republic as a major opportunity for Australia to move away from its colonial, mono-cultural past.

Welfare Reform and Economic Development for Indigenous Communities, Noel Pearson 2005

This lecture was delivered on Tuesday 25 October 2005 at the ASX Auditorium, Sydney.

Pathways to Prosperity for Indigenous People, Noel Pearson 2010

The New Zealand Business Roundtable 2010 Sir Ronald Trotter Lecture, ‘Pathways to Prosperity for Indigenous People’, was delivered by Noel Pearson on 2 November at the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

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