Our expert team

Our expert team

Our training is delivered by leading national and international education experts with decades of experience leading and supporting schools to deliver effective teaching. Good to Great Schools Australia trainers have all taught the programs they train in from at least two years and have lead Tailored School Implementations.

Natalie McBrayer – Professional Learning Developer

Natalie McBrayer is a Professional Learning Developer and Teaching Coach at Good to Great Schools Australia, where she develops professional learning modules for teachers and provides expert advice on Direct Instruction. She has decades of experience as a teacher, principal designee and coach internationally. Natalie specialises in improving student academic achievement with a focus on literacy and Direct Instruction, using coaching and school data to inform practice.

Natalie regularly provides Direct Instruction program training and classroom coaching and has facilitated training for schools in the USA, remote Alaska, Australia and Qatar. She has worked with schools and school systems to collect, analyse and use data to improve learning for all students.

Natalie holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Master of Education in Reading. Her Master’s thesis explored the impact coaching made on new teachers using Direct Instruction in multi-age rural classrooms.

Natalie began her career as a teacher and became principal designee by her fourth year. Natalie then moved to remote Alaska to teach Native Alaskan kindergarten students. Her students were struggling to learn to read in a whole language environment and Natalie experienced firsthand the disadvantage experienced by students in remote, low-income areas. Natalie and her students were introduced to Reading Mastery and Language for Learning at this time. The student success she witnessed here sparked Natalie’s career-long drive to improve teaching so that all children can learn effectively.

After proven results with the Alaskan kindergarten, Natalie became a principal teacher at another remote Alaskan school. She then managed a new preschool grant and became a regional librarian, as part of a team that implemented a standards-based system across fourteen schools. Natalie then became Reading First Coordinator and Coach in which she coordinated and provided the training and implementation of programs including Reading Mastery, Corrective Reading and DIBELS then AIMSWeb. Natalie moved to Qatar and became the English Language Literacy Specialist and Instructional Coach.

As a Professional Learning Developer for GGSA, Natalie develops and writes training modules for school teams. She also works with other teams in the organisation adding her expertise in Direct Instruction and other areas when needed. As Teaching Coach, Natalie provides support, coaching, evaluation and feedback to deliver and manage effective teaching implementations across Australia.

For three years she has worked as an Implementation Manager for the National Institute for Direct Instruction (NIFDI) in reading, language, and spelling in the communities of Mamaruni, Milkapiti, Pularumpi and Pickataramoor, Australia in conjunction with GGSA.

Interesting fact: Natalie worked as a kindergarten teacher in Alaska and was adopted by a Yupik Eskimo family there. Natalie has a collection of Yupik baskets, dance fans and dolls from the people of Hooper Bay.

Michael Proctor – Data Architect

Michael Proctor has over 20 years’ management experience across the IT and mining sectors. Passionate about science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), Michael has diverse experience in both project management with scientific applications, from software development and systems administration to managing mining exploration projects and mine sites.

In his role at Good to Great Schools Australia, Michael manages a number of exciting projects to further student and community engagement in science and STEM education, such as our unique online platform for advanced study of STEM subjects and the development of a Solar System Discovery Trail for Cape York. Michael works with GGSA’s science curriculum writing team, experts and external consultants to design a range of innovative scientific displays and activities intended to generate excitement, wonder and curiosity.

A Far North Queensland local, Michael has successfully developed business outcome focused projects to improve business insights and organisational efficiencies. In his previous role with TBS Distrbution, Michael supported businesses throughout the region to deliver ICT (Information, Communication, Technology) specialist services across all industries such as Tech, Mining, Healthcare, Transport, Retail, and Utilities.

Michael also has a strong background in both desktop and onsite research and development, having completed several scoping and pre-feasibility studies for various exploration and mining projects. Throughout his career in the mining sector, Michael has managed multi-million dollar budgets and managed teams up to 30 people.

Interesting fact: Over three years Michael performed extensive research to extract tin from a stanniferous ironstone skarn (a metamorphised iron and tin bearing sedimentary rock). This lead to the successful development of a new pyrometallurgical method which is awaiting funding to commence operations. Michael is also a scout leader and has achieved level two in abseiling, canoeing and hiking.

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