Our expert team

Our expert team

Our training is delivered by leading national and international education experts with decades of experience leading and supporting schools to deliver effective teaching. Good to Great Schools Australia trainers have all taught the programs they train in from at least two years and have lead Tailored School Implementations.

Dr Vicky Vachon - Director of Implementation Improvement

Vicky Vachon, PhD has a doctorate in Effective Teaching, and decades  of experience supporting schools to implement effective teaching programs in a wide variety of schools across the United States, Canada and Australia. Vicky specialises in improving overall academic achievement, with a focus on literacy.

Linda Youngmayr - Leading Expert of Direct Instruction

Linda Youngmayr has four decades of experience developing, teaching and training in all Direct Instruction programs. She studied with Direct Instruction architect Siegfried Engelmann, and worked  on the early development of the Direct Instruction Reading, Language, Math and Corrective series. Linda is in the Hall of Fame at the Association of Direct Instruction.

Dawn Hughes - Senior Teaching Coach (Explicit Direct Instruction)

Dawn Hughes has decades of experience as a mainstream and special education teacher, school leader and instruction coach. A specialist in explicit pedagogies and positive behaviour management, Dawn creates and develops pedagogical frameworks, reviews school data to inform practice and coaches and mentors graduate and experienced teachers.

Dr Sheri Wilkins - Director of Professional Development

Sheri Wilkins, PhD has over 30 years of experience serving students with disabilities and building the capacity of educators to better serve this population. Sheri’s PhD in Education focused on special education, particularly students with mild and moderate disabilities.

Dr Lyn Lysko - Professional Development Trainer

Lyn Lysko, PhD has over 30 years of experience in all levels of schooling in the United States and Canada. Lyn is a leader in the field of quality implementations of effective teaching in schools, with her doctorate focusing on administrative leadership for teaching and learning, and specialising in supporting language acquisition.

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